Universal Indicator and Alarm Unit

Accurate, stable measurement of temperature, pressure, level, flow and other process variables are provided by the 2408i universal indicator. An optional second process value input allows the average, difference, minimum or maximum of two values to be displayed. Large, bright, red or green displays ensure good visibility in high and low ambient lighting.

Temperature inputs
Temperature can be displayed in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin. Nine internally stored thermocouple types and the Pt100 resistance thermometer are selectable. Other input linearisations can be factory downloaded.

Pressure inputs
4-20mA transmitter inputs can be powered from an internal 24Vdc supply.

Direct pressure sensor and strain gauge inputs can be energised from an internal 5 or 10Vdc supply. An automatic calibration routine is provided to remove zero and span offsets.

Flow inputs
For flow measurements, square root extraction is available as standard.

Level measurement
Liquid volume in a tank can be derived from a level measurement using an in-built 15-point linearisation curve. The level vs volume measurement is linear up the straight sides of the tank but nonlinear round the curved bottom. The 15-point fit can be applied to any part of the input signal to give an accurate displayed value.