L&M Strumenti
From foundation to today

L&M Strumenti di Misura enterprise has been founded in 1985 by Mr.Luciano Grandoni (CEO). Its directive departments are in Terni.

Our technicians boast expertise, professionalism and decades of specific experience in the sector.

The society works as retailer of electronic, pneumatic and mechanical equipments for the physics measurements (flow,pression,temperature,mass, level, etc.).

Many industrial productions (as liquids, gas, solids, or slurries) are interested by those measurements.

Usually the most important customers, are from energetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, iron, mechanical and any other sector, where it's necessary to implant a process and an automation control.

The reference sectors of our activity are:

Several National and International Certification Services check the productive and functional Qualities of all the goods offered to the customers. Moreover,each supplier normally produces instruments following the Quality Systems procedures.

L&M always reaches good commercial performances and it obtains also the customers' satisfaction, by offering them a post-sale assistance that assures a favorable collaboration with anyone.

For any particular problems that need an accurate technical verification, L&M may use the engineering divisions of the suppliers.