Model 84C flanged, wafer, and threaded (NPT) vortex flowmeters are robust and reliable additions to the Schneider Electric family of intelligent, high performing vortex flowmeters. The flowmeters are available with 4 to 20 mA, HART 7, Modbus, and pulse outputs. The flowmeters can be ordered with an optional integrated platinum RTD temperature sensor, which allows the flowmeters to support multiple measurements as well as temperature-compensated mass flow measurements for steam and user-defined liquids.

  • Reliable volumetric rate measurement of liquids, gas, and steam

  • Time In Service Meter

    Configuration “personalities” which streamline the menus, features, and engineering units for upstream oil and gas and steam applications

  • FLANGED DN15…..DN300 (3/4…..12inch)
  • WAFER DN15…..DN200 (3/4…..8inch)
  • SANITARIA DN25…..DN50 (1…..2inch) NPT THREADED

When configured with Multivariable selection T, the Model 84C Vortex flowmeter provides a process temperature measurement using the optional integral temperature sensor. With calculations based on ASME steam tables3, the Model 84C is an excellent solution for the mass flow metering of saturated steam.

Additionally, multivariable Model 84C Vortex flowmeters allow you to input live pressure readings remotely using HART or Modbus communication. These pressure readings, together with the measured process temperature, allow compensation for super-heated steam mass flow calculations based on the ASME steam tables.3.