Flow controls.The industrial line includes instruments for the measurement and control of fluids – liquid or gaseous – for use in the conduits of systems or aboard machines. 
The various types of flow indicator are as follows: flow switches, Atex flow switches, flow meters, visual flow indicators.
A flow switch is a two-state device (opening or closing of a switch) used for indicating a determined flow rate  of a fluid.


These paddle flow switchs are suitable for signaling, control and regulate the flow in a pipe, for controlling pumps, burners, compressors, alarm messages, motorized valves.
A scoop flexible, urged by the flow, acts on the lever for actuating a microswitch SPDT switching.

When the flow is increasing opens C-NC contact and closes C-NO contact.
When the flow is decreasing closes C-NC contact and opens C-NO contact.
Standard version for normal with process connection in brass and stainless steel AISI 316L pallets or release all stainless steel AISI 316L for sea water or corrosive liquids.

The flow switch can be mounted in any position far from elbows or narrowing the arrow in the direction of flow.
For installations on vertical piping is necessary to calibrate the device to compensate for the weight of the paddle.
If the unit is mounted to bottom, you have to pay attention to the deposits that can form.
The appliance must be installed in a straight pipe with no filters, valves, etc.., long at least 5 times its diameter, both upstream and downstream.