Business Value

With more than 50 years experience in valve positioners, Foxboro offers the most complete line of instrumentation available from pneumatic and analogue devices to the most advanced smart positioners with Hart®,Profibus or Fieldbus communication. The proven reliability and robustness of Foxboro positioners helps to improve process performance, providing predictive maintenance and Advanced Diagnostics.


• Easy implementation on existing valves
• Reduced installation cost (no additional cable, no battery)
• Online testing and predictive maintenance with high transfer data rate

About Foxboro® Valve Positioners

Foxboro has been producing On-Off and Modulating Control valve position-
ers of the highest quality since 1961 while offering the widest range of valve positioners, from pneumatic and analogue devices to the most advanced smart positioners with HART, Profibus or FOUNDATION communication, to work along- side any application in any industry.

One particular application is Partial Stroke Testing. PST is a method where the ESD valve is typically moved 10-20% and returned to its original position in a short period of time. As the most common dangerous failure mode in a static ESD valve is “failure to move,” On-line Partial Stroke Testing generated by the smart positioner SRD991 (intrinsic safety application) and SRD960 (Explosion proof application) is the key to safety.

Moreover, the PST positioner can offer operators a tool to enable predictive maintenance on the ESD valves with data history and friction analysis. The test can be easily executed via the FDT/DTM based configuration and diagnostic tool VALcare® and Valve Monitor.