The 740C Microprocessor-Based Recording Controller provides continuous trending for up to four inputs on a nominal 12-inch round chart.The instrument receives inputs from a thermocouple,RTD,mV,V,or mA sources, and provides one or two loops of PID control with, or without EXACT® Control. An integral 40- character digital display sequentially indicates the instantaneous value of each input.At the user's discretion, the unit may be configured to display selected functions and inputs, or continuously display one function or input. A multi-function, internally mounted keypad is provided for configuration and operational control. Numerous options are also offered to enhance the recording controller's capability.


  •  Display and retransmission output accuracy of 0.1% of input span, and recording accuracy of 0.25% of input span.

  •  EXACT control for one or both controllers (U.S. Patent RE 33267).

  • Input Isolation; digital calibration of input signal conditioning and pen positioning.

  • Auto/manual operation with adjustable manual output and bumpless, balanceless transfer between modes.

  • Remote/local set point, with remote signal selectable from any recorder pen channel, remote set point bias.

  • INC-INC or INC-DEC control action.

 Keyboard and contact input control over auto/manual, and remote/local modes.

 Single or duplex 4 to 20 mA or relay outputs per controller loop.

 Up to four pens for trending. any trend pen may also be used for event oriented applications.

 Logic equation actuated events to control various recording controller functions.

 Brilliant, 2-Line (20 Character/Line), dot matrix electronic display with a neutral density filter.

 Assignable Absolute, Rate of Change, or Deadband Alarms; four alarms/channel – up to six channels.