PRMTA Series Configurable Sensors are temperature sensors available for use with I/A Series temperature transmitters.The sensors are available as thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) with options that make them well suited for use in a wide variety of applications.
PRMTA Configurable Sensors provide many different temperature sensor options for use with I/A Series temperature transmitters.You can order a sensor at the same time you order your temperature transmitter, and the sensor is shipped assembled to the transmitter. Alternately, you can order sensors separately as replacement parts for transmitters in the field. These highly configurable sensors are available with two sensor types: thermocouples or resistance temperature detectors.
A thermocouple uses two different types of metal conductors to generate a voltage that is proportional to a detected temperature difference.
PRMTA thermocouple wires are surrounded by aluminum oxide insulation and a durable metal sheath to provide an isolated measuring junction. The sheath is annealed to remove stresses and increase flexibility. Moisture is removed (and sealed out) from the assembly to provide a high insulation resistance.
Thermocouples are specified because of their strength, and protection against corrosion and contaminating atmospheres.